Dewey Garrett, Wood

Title: Palm Bowl #3
Palm Wood, $300

Palm is an unusual but interesting material for a woodturner. This piece was made from a Palm tree trunk salvaged from a street widening project. The block was mounted and turned with standard tools and then scraped and bleached to accent the unique texture of the wood.

Title: Black Ceremony
Walnut Wood, $250

This piece is made from an assembly of walnut which begin as a solid block. First the exterior is shaped on the lathe, then the form is hollowed using tiny-tipped scrapers. After shaping, the adorning shapes are attached and the outside is returned. After final sanding, the naturally brown walnut is dyed black with a solution made by soaking iron filings in vinegar.

Title: Petals #4
Bigleaf Maple, $400

This turning is made from a block of solid maple. First, a number of plugs (round cylinders) are cut from the block. Then the block is mounted on the lathe and shaped to approximate form. A lip for the rim is prepared and the round plugs are carefully attached to the lip. Then the final shape is turned and the interior removed using great care to preserve the petals formed from the plugs. The finish is clear lacquer.

Title: Forrest Bowl
Maple Wood, $250

The Western Maples of the Pacific Northwest produces a beautiful burled material that is a delight to turn. This piece was turned while green and the outer edge left in its natural rough state. The outside has been slightly bleached to lighten its color and enhance the patterns of the burl.

Title: Turned Moire
Maple and Padauk, $600

This series of turnings resulted from my experiments with laminations and segmented forms. The turning begins as a block of laminations of thin maple boards with a solid rim material of Padauk. The process of turning requires great care due to the fragility of the assembly. When finished, the burl reveals unexpected moire patterns when viewed.

Title: Yellow Palm
Palm Wood, $400

This vessel was turned from a black of salvaged Palm wood mounted with the grain of the wood parallel to the lathe axis. After shaping the outside and inside of the vessel, the material is brushed to bring out the texture of the wood fibers. The piece was then bleached to remove all natural color and dyed a bright yellow with an aniline dye.

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